ok so my initial reason for starting a blog was to get more followers (is that what you call them?) than my almost 19 year old daughter, but then I realised this might just be what I need to keep myself sane.

I touched briefly on the goings on in my life in the widget I wrote (apologies for lack of knowledge in blog speak) so I wont repeat myself as I don’t want to bore the one person who may read this! instead I’m going to mention a funny moment from today. Here’s a bit of background info, I have been married twice and my eldest 3 children have a lovely olive complexion from my mothers genes, where as my youngest two take after their dad, blonde and blue eyed. We joke in our family that my middle child 17 year old Elliot looks like he could be Indian, the family nickname is Saj.

This week to add to everything else that went wrong my cooker stopped working, as it was me it wasn’t just a case of buying a new cooker, no! my first order wasn’t what it was supposed to be curtesy of Argos so after a drawn out cancelation I ordered a second one from AO, great service by the way, and it arrived today. Instead of my usual white cooker this swanky new one is black, Sam my 8 year old who has Tourette’s Syndrome spent a few minutes looking round the kitchen when he piped up with ” it doesn’t match everything else its black, look, white, white, white, black, white”. With that everyone turned towards Elliot and laughed…. all I can say is “Elliot you might not match but we love you”……..


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